WinMAGI Updates (Latest Build 821203 – June 2018)

Vendor Quality Processing

The Vendor Quality processing now handles over and under receipt quantities on a percentage basis when determining how well a vendor is performing.

Product Cost Update

The Product Cost Rollup facility has been enhanced to allow a nominated list of items (via a spreadsheet or CSV file) to be ‘rolled up’.

Purchase Order Print status

The status of a purchase order can now be optionally updated by previewing the purchase order print to the screen rather than having to directly print or email the document.

Accounts Payable Ageing

The Accounts Payable Ageing screen has an additional filtering by date ‘type’ to allow ageing to be based on the ‘invoice date’ rather than the ‘apply date’ of the transaction.

Purchase Order Requisition Approval

Multiple Purchase order requisition lines may now be grouped together when approved to a single ‘approved’ PO.

General speed enhancements

Many of the standard screens within WinMAGI have had significant speed improvement both to the loading up of the screens but also the processing within the screens. These include the Customer Info centre, Sales Order Processing, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Purchasing, Shop Floor Control, Warehousing, Vendor Invoice Processing, Product Costing and others.


Improvements have been made to the Auditing Reporting to more readily be able to review and report on changes to those tables that are being audited.

Data Views 

Many of the standard ‘display sequence’ options can now be toggled to present the data in ascending or descending sequence.