WinMAGI Updates (Latest Build 821418 – March 2019)

Scheduled Tasks New facility to directly update the Windows Task Scheduler details from within WinMAGI when setting up automated WinMAGI processes, such as MRP runs, Cost Rollups and re-indexing. Accounts Receivable Statement printing Additional statement layouts may now be defined and produced when running customer statements. WinMAGI API processing Various enhancements have been made to […]

WinMAGI API (Application Programming Interface)

The latest versions of WinMAGI (builds 821332 and above) now have inbuilt API functions that allow 3rd party applications, such as a web browser, to create and update customer details, shipping addresses, create new sales orders and query data in the WinMAGI database. The API’s open up WinMAGI to outside development using standard JSON (JavaScript […]

Customer and Supplier flyers

Bulk email your customers and suppliers flyers with details of any upcoming product updates, Christmas office closing times or other important information. The flyers can be designed on site and setup within the WinMAGI system. Multiple flyers may be developed and the user just selects which one to send.  The design of the flyer can […]

WinMAGI Updates (Latest Build 821331 – October 2018)

Vendor Invoice Processing Additional checking to ensure that the unit price on the vendor invoice is within a nominated percentage of the unit price on the purchase order. Warnings and or error message can be displayed if the percentage variance is exceeded. Product Costing New parameter option that controls when and how the frozen standard […]

WinMAGI Updates (Latest Build 821049 – February 2018)

Customer Item information The Customer Item information screen now has an option to directly update the details from an outside source, such as a spreadsheet, CSV or text file. There have also been enhancements to the display and maintenance speeds when maintaining and displaying existing records. Junk File Cleanup A new utility to review the […]

On Screen Kiosk Displays

An ‘On Screen Kiosk Display’ is a permanent display that refreshes automatically. For example, the display may show a list of sales orders that are waiting to be shipped, a list of items that are to be manufactured, a running total of the daily sales values versus the daily target or it may be a […]

WinMAGI Updates (Latest Build 820945 – October 2017)

Bill of Materials The Bill of Materials maintenance screens have been improved for better identification of related routings and components. A new feature is the ability to directly roll up the costs of the finished item being maintained within the BOM maintenance screen. General Ledger The data import processes have been further improved. Also, the […]

Customer Sales Rebates

Quickly calculate customer rebates using the Rebates Pivot Table utility. Setup the rebate percentages based on customer, customer and product class and whether the rebates apply to overall sales or sales over and above nominated customer targets. The Rebates Pivot Table utility allows the rebate values to be broken down into month and year and […]