WinMAGI Updates (Latest Build 821331 – October 2018)

Vendor Invoice Processing

Additional checking to ensure that the unit price on the vendor invoice is within a nominated percentage of the unit price on the purchase order. Warnings and or error message can be displayed if the percentage variance is exceeded.

Product Costing

New parameter option that controls when and how the frozen standard costs of an item are updated. In addition to the existing standard manual or cost build updating, the system will now optionally allow the frozen standard cost to be updated when either the purchase order or the vendor invoice is processed.

Purchase Order Processing

New, improved purchase order history displays that allow each update to the purchase order to be viewed based on date, action and user.

General Ledger

Performance enhancements when processing and posting General Ledger batches.

Accounts Receivable

Improved statement print processing that has additional options to print statements just for the head office accounts, just for the branch accounts or a combination of both.


Continuing improvements to processing speed throughout the system.

Improved and updated layouts for the standard forms sent to suppliers and customers.