WinMAGI Updates (Latest Build 821656 -November 2019)


New options with MRP to allow supply/demand planning to be based on forecast quantities only and to optionally ignore customer sales order and manufacturing order demands.

Additionally, MRP can now be setup to plan on the basis that any MRP rescheduling messages will be ignored. This allows the planner to still have planned purchase orders and planned manufacturing orders generated by MRP to cover expected stock shortfalls on the basis that any existing approved or released purchase orders or manufacturing orders cannot be rescheduled due to factory or supplier constraints.

The Period of Supply settings against MRP items now allows multiple months.


Numerous updates to the Skubana and Woo Commerce e-commerce interfaces including a new e-commerce Info Centre.

Purchasing Planning Centre

Modified to allow easier updating of purchase order lines with things such as firm dates, order quantities, dues dates. Also additional filter controls.


Improved emailing facilities to allow users connected to WinMAGI via a RemoteApp to have emails processed even if Outlook is not opened. Also now supports HTML text formatting in the body of the outgoing email.


New Pick List by Container report allows all orders assigned to a container to have their lines bulk listed for more efficient picking and packing.


Matched vendor invoices may now be un-matched prior to posting.